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    10 months ago
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    Accounting, Information Technology, Transport & Logistics
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    April 15, 2022


A Records and Archive Officer is responsible for processing, storing, retrieving and managing hard copy and digital records and information for the organisation. Records Officers are usually detail-oriented individuals who work with a variety of informational formats, such as digital records, paper, photographic or film.


Tasks and duties

  • Evaluating the information needs of the organisation and helping to develop systems to support the efficient access, movement, cataloguing, updating, storage, retention and disposal of files and other records.
  • Administering and registering records, for example, ensuring appropriate processing of digital records into an EDRMS (Electronic Document and Records Management System).
  • Undertaking audits as required and establishing procedures for how long records should be maintained or kept.
  • Establishing new records management systems
  • Developing, maintaining, verifying and evaluating existing systems
  • Overseeing the switch from paper to electronic record-keeping
  • Writing reports and publications
  • Dealing with enquiries and requests for information from both internal and external clients
  • Ensuring that financial, legal or administrative requirements and regulations are complied with
  • Ensuring that data is protected
  • Classifying and indexing records
  • Destroying or archiving finished data/records
  • Ensuring that records are easily accessible when needed
  • Providing training to staff who require access or have responsibility for maintaining records.

Key Skills

Qualifications and training required

  • BA in Record Management or relevant Field
  • At least three years of experience in the same field