Operations Manager

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  • Posted:
    12 months ago
  • Category:
    Distribution, Facility Management, Transport & Logistics
  • Deadline:
    May 31, 2021
Reports to:     Director of Operations

   Supervises:                All controllers, Documentation and Licensing Officers, Fuel Depot officers


Part (A): Position Summary

The Operations Manager is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of all operational elements of the department and section. He is also responsible for ensuring goods are delivered to the right location on time, to the quality required and in the most cost effective way. Oversees the transportation of goods from the manufacturer and ports to the clients. Plan and oversee the whole process or may work in part of the supply chain. Also, the job holder may take responsibility for the warehouse. Furthermore, the Operations Manager (OM) strengthens cohesive teamwork of personnel, development and implementation of ERP systems. The OM must assist in developing of a customer orientation in all elements of the operations and other public offices.

Part (B): Key Result Area

S/N Key Result Area Weight
1 Finance 15%
2 Strategy and Development 15%
3 People Management 15%
4 Relationship Management 15%
5 Compliance 10%
6 Tracking Consignments 10%
7 Documentation 10%
8 Any Other Tasks 10%
  Total 100%


KRA—Key Result Area

KPI—-Key Performance Indicator

KEY RESULT AREA/KEY DUTIES Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Manages all operational budget

Hold responsibility for department budget to ensure efficient operation of the department and create a strong system for financial management. ·       Available Operational Approved Budget


Support continuous improvement initiatives and identify inefficiencies and cost optimization opportunities ·       Noted improvements in the operation department
Issuing funds for operation expenditures ·       Reconciliation Report on total expenditure disbursed or issued per day
Signing of petty Cash Voucher and LPO ·       Amount of authorized petty cash vouchers and LPOs

Design and  develop departmental strategy

Contribute to the creation and implementation of best practice logistics vision, strategy, policies, processes and procedures to aid and improve operational performance ·       Number of policies developed

·       Number of SoP developed

Plan, manage and evaluate logistics operations liaising with internal stakeholders, suppliers, logistics providers, transportation companies and customers ·       Availability of strategic Plan
Provide quick solutions to operational problems while maintaining high levels of quality and service within budgetary requirements ·       Timely provision of solutions to the problems
Recommend optimal transport modes, routes or frequency ·       Number of new recommended routes
Review impact of logistics changes, such as routing, shipping modes, product volumes or carriers and report results to others ·       Reports and Presentation made to Management

Manages and  Coach People

Manage, coach and develop a high performing team that meets agreed objectives and delivers best practice results, added value and continuous improvements ·       Number of training conducted in the department
Set departmental objectives/KPIs and review and assess ongoing performance of direct reports ·       Number of KPIs set and objectives set

·       Number of targets achieved and identify any actions required



Builds and Maintains  relations among employees, public, clients tand customers

Develop and maintain strong relationships with all connected with the logistics supply chain ·       Number of newly visited Public offices

·       Number of visited Customers and Clients

·       Number of visited Manufacturers

Ensure all completed orders are dispatched on time ·       Number of orders dispatched on time

·       Number of orders dispatched late

Ensure goods are shipped appropriately to ensure quality of goods during transportation ·       Number of goods shipped on time

·       Number of late shipments

Support new business initiatives and projects and contribute to review meetings and change process. Ensure effective logistics implementation takes place relating to the changes ·       Number of new business project initiatives made per week/month
Respond to urgent requests and different communication styles in order to satisfy internal and external customers alike. ·       Number of requests responded per day

Ensure Compliance with Business Operations

Ensure compliance with import/export customs regulations ·       Presence of Export and Import Regulations

·       Observations made on the Export and Import Regulations

·       Valid business operation certificates

Ensure health and safety requirements ·       Number of breached regulations by the departmental employees

·       Valid business operation certificates

Ensure other sub career comply with company policies or procedures for product transit or delivery Number of breached company policies and procedures
Ensure ERP system is in place and running effective, maintained and accurate Number of noted errors and improvements on the EERP systems

Manages tracking of various consignments

Supervise the tracking and tracing movements of goods from point of origin to final destination using ERP system ·       KPIs set for movement of goods

·       Noted late delivery of goods

Update system with new information Daily updates made
Supervise the sending of track reports to Customers Reports sent on daily basis
Observe truck and consignment positions Position of the trucks and consignments

Ensure availability of all trips, truck and trailers documents

Supervises the availability of all required trip, trucks and trailer documentations Available documents
Supervises document and maintain appropriate filing systems File arrangements made
Monitoring of Clearance of Import consignments at the Ports/Airport ·       Number of consignments imported at the port week

·       The schedule of consignments imported

Number of consignment assessed and cleared per arrival


Ensure clearance of all consignments accordingly

Manages all customs clearance for different consignments ·       Timely clearance of consignments



Perform any other tasks as per managing Director of Operations

Any other reasonable request or work task as allocated by the superior. Any other reasonable request or work task as allocated by the superior.