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    12 months ago
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    FMCG, Information Technology, Managed Network Services
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    January 17, 2022

General Description :

Directs the activities and staff involved in the design, development, installation, and operation of Information Technology and Telecommunications Systems for the Industries functionally.  Manages the functions of computer operations, system analysis, technical support,   Ensures the availability of systems and hardware necessary to apply data processing techniques to the Industries requirements.  Analyzes needs to develop and implement new information processing systems and improve program design.

Department:        Information Technology
Reports To:        IT Head (HO)

Experience: 5+ years hands-on experience in handling all IT-related Tasks, Network, Servers/cloud serves, hardware, software, CCTV, EPBAX, Cabling, etc.


Roles & Responsibilities:

  1. Network
    1. Storage: Ensures Network Storage & Backups at Industries, including Tally software, servers, Bio-metric attendance machines, Payroll software & user individual backups.
    2. Wi-fi: Install & configure wifi devices according to the requirement.
    3. Network Problems: Troubleshooting system and network problems and diagnosing and solving hardware/software faults. Organization of Network Racks (Including Numbering & Labelling)
    4. Client-Server Applications: Responsible for the computer network configuration, installations, development, migrations, maintenance, and backup administration.  Instruct users on use, capabilities, and resources.  Do planning for in-office database and other upgrades.  Responsible for the hardware maintenance of servers
    5. Anti-Virus: Maintain network virus software downloading and installing periodic updates to protect the network from the internet and other viruses
  2. EPABX – of All Sits.
    1. Maintenance, Backup, maintaining HO VoIP link.
  3. Information Security & Backup:
    1. Ensure Daily & Monthly backup of all Computers & Servers.
    2. Ensure Antivirus is appropriately installed in all Computers, Servers, and other IT Equipment. Timely scanning of Equipment to remove the virus.
    3. Maintenance of all desktops and laptops quarterly and sending the report to the HOD.
  4. CCTV:
    1. Maintenance of CCTV at all Sites.
  5. Internet Service:
    1. Stay in touch with Internet Service Providers & secure information on downtime etc.
    2. Failover of backup links, fiber optic, Wi-Fi radio to ensure uninterrupted internet service at Industries in Tanzania despite downtime by ISP.
  6. Software Support:
    1. Works with application software vendors to support the “Payroll Software”
    2. Tally Installation, Support, Troubleshooting
    3. Performs comprehensive analysis and design activities necessary to implement IT and telecommunications systems, Maintains and trouble-shoots existing system software, and provides technical support and guidance to system users, software maintenance on local computers for memory management and corrupt windows environment errors.
    4. Maintain the software and hardware documentation for copyright licenses, configurations, operations, procedures, and network functionality
  7. Hardware Support:
    1. Installation & configuring Computer Systems including Windows, MS Office, Email, Antivirus, Adobe reader & convertor, Printer & Copier
    2. Replacements of Hardware equipment in case of malfunctioning (Including Warranty Replacements)
    3. Handle day-to-day user issues and questions regarding printing, Email, word processing, spreadsheets, and various others. Inform office users on many of the network capabilities and functions to enhance their productivity
  8. Cloud servers: Good Knowledge of Cloud servers that can access via RDP protocol.  Make sure to add to the daily checklist and monitor Backup and windows services.  The server’s OS is the Windows Server 2019 latest, Active Directory, Group policies, and strong firewall configuration.  Maximum users connecting to Servers on daily basis via RDP.

Overall responsibility for Information Systems and Telecommunications activities including computer and phone systems for the Industries.