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    9 months ago
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    Construction, Engineering, Infrastructure
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    October 15, 2022


Brief Company Profile

Our client is a reputable civil (Class 3) & building (Class 5) company based in Dar es Salaam with a strong understanding of the local scenery as far as the construction sector is concerned.

The company undertakes Building, Structural, and Civil Engineering projects which include all of the engineering works through design and project implementation for building schemes, factories, industrial developments, and housing estates.

Their diverse experience in Tanzania coupled with dynamic engineering and project management skills means we can deliver cost-effective and innovative solutions to the most complex civil engineering problems. Their executives are actively involved in every project. They’re in the field hands-on, leading teams, listening to clients, driving strategy, and delivering

Candidate Brief

They are looking for a Group General Manager to head the leading company and its subsidiaries.

Required Skills & Experience

  • The general manager reports to the company’s Board of Directors and Shareholders and is in charge of the day-to-day running of the main company and its subsidiaries to improve efficiency while managing, leading, coaching, and encouraging the team for maximum performance and dedication.
  • He can be an engineer, but not necessarily as we have local engineers who only need supervision.
  • He must have an idea of the mechanics for the trucks and equipment but majorly someone who has details at their fingertips, a multitasker, and can manage the local staff by understanding their competence and weaknesses and can capitalize both to arrive at a result.
  • He must be highly detail-oriented, analytical, and quantitative, a data-driven master of spreadsheets spanning budgets, costing, pricing, ROI, financial statements, generation of reports, etc.
  • He should be a superb professional communicator. Crisp, clear, and specific in his oral and email communications with a knack for clear and effective presentations, flow charts, policy docs, etc.
  • He must be a problem solver, a critical thinker who runs towards and not away from unexpected challenges. He must be comfortable innovating and taking decisive action autonomously.
  • He must be a team player and partnership leader, confident and capable of collaborating and negotiating with senior leaders and decision-makers from our growing network of client and partner organizations.
  • A candidate who has previously worked in Tanzania is ideal as he understands our culture.

Job Description/Requirements

Line Management

  1. Direct line management of the Technical, Finance, and Logistics Managers
  2. Overseeing the main company and its subsidiaries team across all departments and functions.
  3. Keep the directors fully informed on the condition of the main company and its subsidiaries’ operations and on all the important factors influencing it.
  4. Support the board of directors and shareholders with any additional corporate development programs that may arise.

Project Management

  1. Accountable for execution of all projects from Tender bidding, negotiation, award, and execution to the final stages handing over the project with a focus on efficiency, safety, and quality.
  2. Coordination of financing partners, clients, technical team, and subcontractors to ensure timely and accurate deliverables required for project approvals and payments.
  3. Oversight of all project supply and logistics to ensure timely, low-cost, and accurate delivery, and coordination of all accessories, equipment, and personnel necessary for effective execution.
  4. Oversight and coordination of the technical team and a range of key contractors to ensure the installation of the highest degree of quality, legal compliance, and safety, and to the satisfaction of the customers and financing partners.
  5. Integration of the finance team through project lifespan to ensure timely and accurate disbursals, payments, billing, collections, and effective budget and cash management.
  6. Flawless oversight of digital record keeping and information management across all project stages in line with legal and partner requirements and best practices.

Operations & Maintenance

  1. Accountable for delivery of all contracts and commitments with a focus on responsiveness, logistical efficiency, quality workmanship, and customer communications.
  2. Costing, drafting, and vetting new agreements with clients and financing partners.
  3. Building and managing a cost-efficient and reliable subcontractor network.
  4. Ensuring preventative maintenance schedules and budgets are kept and adhered to.
  5. Day-to-day management of the main company and its subsidiaries from tenders, purchasing, tax, clients’ relations, fleet management in terms of maintenance, service, fuel, contracts management, invoicing, finance, etc
  6. Assure maintenance quality and stability through regular evaluation of purchased parts and supplies.
  7. Measure effectiveness and efficiency of operational processes both internally and externally and finds ways to improve processes.
  8. Overseeing daily business operations and weekly / monthly reporting on operational performance.
  9. Manage relationships with stakeholders.


Financial Management

  1. Accountability for gross profitability of all projects and contracts.
  2. Preparation and analysis of project pricing and budgets.
  3. Negotiation and management of key project subcontracts and service agreements.
  4. Managing day-to-day operational budget and cash disbursements.
  5. Monthly final review and approval of cash flow, P&L, and stock listing.
  6. Credit control and debtor management
  7. Ensure that operational expenditures of the main company and its subsidiaries are within the authorized budgets.
  8. Examine monthly financial performance and assist in month–end closing.
  9. Lead the development and monitoring of annual budgets.
  10. Identify saving opportunities, leading to a reduction in expenses and overheads
  11. Establish plans and KPIs, allocate resources, review progress and make operational corrections as required.

Systems, Processes, & IT

  1. Develop, refine, and drive effective cross-functional Standard operating procedures including:
  • Project management
  • People operations
  • Regulatory compliance (TRA, CRB, BRELA, etc.)
  • Health, safety, and environment
  • Procurement
  • Record keeping and information management
  1. Drive effective cross-functional use of cloud-based applications and other IT systems to ensure fast and informed decision-making through information access and integration.
  2. Identify and develop digital tools, templates, and processes to improve all operations.